Online consultations

We receive hundreds of online consultations each month! Unfortunately, many are rejected because the requests are unsuitable or missing images or information. Before you submit an online consultation please read the guide below.

Good for:

✔ Requests for Fit Notes for periods > 7 days and medical letters
✔ Simple clinical queries that don’t need a discussion or an examination i.e. where the response can be via SMS or email.

Bad for:

❌ Fit notes < 7 days. Your GP cannot issue a fit note for short periods. You must self-certify with your employer and can find the form and more info here.
❌ Infections or urgent issues – call the practice between 8-10.30am or 2-4pm to request a call-back with the duty doctor
❌ Complex clinical issues that need discussion or examination – please book a routine appointment
❌ Referral requests
❌ Prescription requests – read more here
❌ Requesting appointments or sending a message to a particular member of staff – read more here

Online consultations must be:


Online forms are great for simple requests that can be actioned quickly and don’t need a discussion… but they’re no substitue for a conversation with your doctor. If you know you need a discussion or an examination, please book a routine appointment online or by calling reception.

Routine, not urgent

We repond within one working day to confirm receipt, but thereafter it is typically 3 days before your issue will be reviewed by a cinician, and up to 5 working days for administrative issues (e.g. Fit Notes). If your issue is an emergency, call 111/999.

Clear and detailed

Please provide as much information as possible, including any treatments tried. For simple issues (e.g. skin and nail problems, seasonal allergies, coughs and colds, aches & pains), we often direct patients back to their local pharmacist.

Accompanied by good quality images

Please ensure you attach clear images for any skin lesions including rashes, nail problems, hair issues, acne, lumps and swellings. Try a few different angles (e.g. up close for detail, then a little further away so it’s clear where on your body the issue is). Where images are needed but the shots are blurry or poor quality, it is likely we will reject your online consultation.

For a single issue only

The Online Consult tool is developed to collect information for one issue at a time. We will ask you to resubmit online consultations that contain multiple requests.