Healthy Kidneys

This information will tell you a bit more about the kidneys and why it is important that you keep them healthy. You may have been given this leaflet if you have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or if there is a concern this could develop in the future.

What do your Kidneys do?

  • Your kidneys make you pee (wee)
  • They take away waste from your blood
  • They control the amount of water in your body 

How do we find out you have a problem with your kidneys?

  1. We can measure the amount of waste in your blood
  2. We can measure the amount of protein in your urine.

What causes kidney problems?

  • Damaged blood vessels in your kidneys can stop them working properly
  • This is often caused by diabetes or high blood pressure and can also happen as we get older.

What You Can Do As A Patient

The following would be helpful for you to do to help protect your kidneys.

  • Cutting down on salt;
  • Exercising regularly;
  • Stopping smoking;
  • Eating Healthily;
  • Taking your medication if you have high BP or diabetes and coming for your reviews at the practice;
  • Doing a urine sample and a blood test at least yearly to check the kidneys, attending your diabetes and hypertension reviews at the practice.

When you are unwell it is important to make sure you look after your kidneys

Medicines to avoid

  • People with chronic kidney disease should not take ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen this are all anti-inflammatory pain killers and can worsen your kidney function.

If you would like to discuss any of this information further please see your GP, pharmacist or nurse

What To Expect From The Caversham

  • We will send you an invite at least once a year to come and have your Blood pressure measured and hand in a urine sample
  • We will let you know if you need more regular monitoring
  • Most people with CKD will not know they have this and it will not cause them any problems but we want to pick up on any deterioration early so we can hopefully stop it getting worse.