Video Group Consultations

What are video group clinics and how do they run? 

Video group clinics are a new way for people with similar health issues to consult with their primary care team. Before COVID 19, lots of GP practices were using group consultations to support and review people with long-term conditions like diabetes and asthma in a group.  

Now we cannot see you face to face and social distancing measures are in place, we have transferred this way of learning into the virtual world. 

In your video group clinic, you will get the personal attention you are used to. You will spend longer with your GP team. This means things are less rushed, and you get to ask all your questions about managing your health condition, as well as learning what to do if things get worse.  

You will also get help, support and advice from other people in the same boat. They will learn from you and you will learn from them. 

Your video group clinic will last 70-90 minutes and you will get: 

  • Answers to your questions  
  • Group and one to one discussion of treatment options  
  • If needed, medication review; prescription changes or renewals; discussion of medication side effects. 

The support you get from other people at this time is just – if not more – important than the medical advice we as a team can offer. People say that group clinics really help them learn. That is one of the reasons why we as a GP practice are making this change now.  

Accessing video group clinics: what you need to do 

All you need to do is click the link we will send you. Clicking the link also means you are consenting to take part and respect confidentiality.  

When you click the link, you will be asked to sign in.  

Please type in your FIRST NAME AND FIRST LETTER OF YOUR SURNAME e.g. John S, Margaret B.  

When you join, a video group clinic facilitator will welcome you.  

He or she will make sure your video and sound are both working. If there are problems with either, he or she may suggest re-booking so that you can speak to a GP or nurse by telephone. 

He or she will also help you to prepare for your discussion with the clinical person. 

If you want a member of your family, a friend or someone else who is supporting you to come to the video group clinic with you, that person can join, using the same link from their computer – wherever they are in the world.  

He or she should sign up, indicating they are accompanying you e.g. Colin (John S); Paula (Margaret B).  

By joining, he or she will also be consenting to take part and respect confidentiality.  

What if I do not have access to technology or the Internet? 

If you do not have access to the Internet, a computer or smart phone, we will consult with you by telephone instead. 

Chronic disease reviews 

At the review, the group may share some of test results – like blood pressure, cholesterol and HBA1c. People tell us this really helps them understand what these numbers mean.