Making repeat prescriptions easy

Please note that we require three full working days for prescription requests to be actioned by a doctor or the practice pharmacist. To submit a repeat prescription request, click here.

Repeat dispensing

Patients who are stable on a regular medication can have their repeat prescriptions ‘pre-approved’ for up to one year, meaning they no longer need to request regular repeats. Instead, their pharmacist can dispense up to three months supply of medication at a time for up to one year, before a GP needs to re-approve the prescription.

Feel free to discuss ‘repeat dispensing’ with your GP or the practice pharmacist.

Help us prescribe safely and efficiently

In general we prescribe a maximum of three months supply of medication on a single prescription (6 months for oral contraception). Some medications, particularly strong pain killers, addictive medications and medication prescribed for mental health problems are issued using weekly or monthly repeat prescriptions.

Many medications need to be monitored (by blood tests or clinical assessment) and part of the process of generating repeat prescriptions is ensuring that these requirements are being met and that medication is only re-issued when it is safe to do so.

You can help us by:

  • Only requesting what you need via your pharmacist or online via patient access.
  • Ordering medication in time, and not waiting until you are about to run out.
  • Responding promptly to requests for checks and blood tests which may accompany your repeat prescription.
  • Ensuring that if medication is ordered by someone else on your behalf (e.g. a relative or a pharmacist) that you double check that only items you need are being requested.
  • Only requesting medication that you are currently being prescribed on regular repeat prescriptions.
  • Understanding that even if you have been on the same medication for a very long time, we might occasionally want to review your prescription and make changes if these are appropriate. Questioning your need for regular medication is an important part of our role as safe prescribers.

The safe processing of repeat prescriptions for our 16000+ patients is an enormous task which occupies a large amount of administrative and clinical time. We try really hard to get it right but are aware that in spite of this there are times when we might fall short of the mark.

If something goes wrong – please explain it to us and we will do our best to put the matter right. Please don’t shout at our receptionists!