Making repeat prescriptions easy


Please note that we require three full working days for prescription requests to be actioned by a clinician. To request a repeat prescription:

  • ask your regular pharmacist to order your repeats.
  • request via your Patient Access account. 
  • use the NHS App.
  • complete our online form. Please note that this method is slow because your request must be transcibed by hand onto our system. Where possible use Patient Access or the NHS App.

We issue many hundreds of prescriptions each week so regret that we cannot take requests over the phone. 

Help us prescribe safely and efficiently

We prescribe a maximum of three months’ supply of medication on a single prescription (6 months for oral contraception). Some medications, particularly strong pain killers, addictive medications and medication prescribed for mental health problems are issued using weekly or monthly prescriptions.

Many medications need to be monitored by blood tests or clinical assessment. We may ask you to arrange a review or a blood test before issuing your prescription.

You can help us by:

  • Only requesting what you need.
  • Ordering medication in time, not when are about to run out.
  • Responding promptly to requests for checks and blood tests.
  • Only requesting medication that are on your repeat prescription.
  • Understanding that we might occasionally want to review your prescription and make changes if these are appropriate. Questioning your need for regular medication is an important part of our role as safe prescribers.

The safe processing of repeat prescriptions for our 16500+ patients is an enormous task which occupies a large amount of administrative and clinical time. We try really hard to get it right but if something goes wrong then please explain it to us and we will do our best to put the matter right.