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The Listening Space

What is the idea?

  • Developing the garden space attached to the practice to be used for patient groups, staff use and possible community events.

Inspiration and references

  • See Kings Fund report ‘Gardens and Health’ – this outlines the case for the importance of gardening in fostering wellbeing and collects evidence for garden/ horticultural therapy projects and their link to better health outcomes “the sheer weight of evidence – qualitative and quantitative – on how gardening and access to gardens affect our health and wellbeing is overwhelming” David Buck, Senior Fellow, Public Health and Inequalities,
  • Garden space at Kentish Town Health Centre
  • There are various garden related projects linked to primary care organisations e.g. Bromley by Bow Centre, Sydenam Garden ., Lambeth GP Food cooperative

Where is the space?

  • The internal courtyard between the Caversham Group Practice and the Peckwater Centre

How can the PPG be involved?

  • Work in collaboration with the practice to develop the project further.
  • Help with running the project- e.g. ongoing fundraising, involvement in groups, help with community events.

More information?

We are closed on Monday 27 May 2019. We will reopen on Tuesday 28 May 2019. Please use the Camden GP Hubs (8am to 8pm) or the NHS 111 (24 hour) services during the break.