The Listening Space

What is the idea?

  • Developing the garden space attached to the practice to be used for patient groups, staff use and possible community events.

Inspiration and references

  • See Kings Fund report ‘Gardens and Health’ – this outlines the case for the importance of gardening in fostering wellbeing and collects evidence for garden/ horticultural therapy projects and their link to better health outcomes “the sheer weight of evidence – qualitative and quantitative – on how gardening and access to gardens affect our health and wellbeing is overwhelming” David Buck, Senior Fellow, Public Health and Inequalities,
  • Garden space at Kentish Town Health Centre
  • There are various garden related projects linked to primary care organisations e.g. Bromley by Bow Centre, Sydenam Garden ., Lambeth GP Food cooperative

Where is the space?

  • The internal courtyard between the Caversham Group Practice and the Peckwater Centre

How can the PPG be involved?

  • Work in collaboration with the practice to develop the project further.
  • Help with running the project- e.g. ongoing fundraising, involvement in groups, help with community events.

More information?