List of Charges

List of Charges for administrative services

Some administrative services that we offer are not provided by the NHS and we make a charge for these services as outlined below. The cost of these services is in line with British Medical Association guidance.

Last updated: 30/03/2019

Fees For Medical Reports, Letters, etc:

Item Who pays Charge
Adoption and Fostering Who pays Charge
Adoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by the adoption/fostering agency
Form IHA Initial Health Assessment £58.12
Forms M, B Obstetric Neonatal reports £44.95
Forms C, D, YP or AME Full examination of child £97.91
Form AH Health assessment, Prospective carer £73.86
Form AH2 Update report, parent/carer £24.36
Childminder (Ofsted health declaration booklet) Patient/Employer £56.25

Examination of children in /for care-first exam

Subsequent exam



Freedom from infection for children for care £24.36
Attendance allowance/disability living allowance Who pays Charge
GP factual report DWP £33.50
DS1500 DWP £17.70
Blue Badge & Freedom Pass schemes Who pays Charge
Report only Local authority £25.15
Examination and report Local authority £39.22
Letter of Appeal against adverse decision Patient £15.00
Certificates and forms Who pays Charge
Application For Naturalisation as a British Citizen – form AN from the UK Border Agency Patient – bring photograph £20.00
Criminal injuries compensation report on pro forma Criminal Injuries Authority £38.00
Freedom from infection certificate Patient £15.00
Letter re fitness to exercise, travel, housing/ To Whom It May Concern Letters Patient £22.00
Private Sick Note (any sick note within 7 days is private) Patient £10.00
Provident Association claim form (e.g. BUPA/PPP) Patient £25.00
School fees insurance claim form Patient £25.00
Fitness to attend state school Local authority £25.15
Fitness for sport, school, university, etc Patient £15.00
Health Certificate to attend university, college, teacher and nurses training Patient/Employer £70.00
Dentists, completion of Application for first registration of a dentist (GDC) Patient £70.00
PADI Fitness for Diving Medical Statement Patient £45
Driving Who pays Charge
Fit to Drive medicals (all cab/taxi/bus HGV medicals – Form TPH/204)
Patient £100.00
Report no examination (20 to 30 mins) Patient £60.00
Extract from records (15 mins) Patient £56.00
Report to DVLA with examination DVLA £40.00
Report to DVLA No examination DVLA £23.00
Seat belt exemption Patient £70.00
Eelderly driver certificates Patient £70.00
Driving licence photograph Patient £25.00
PCV/LGV driver Patient/Employer £90.50
Local Authority PCV/LGV driver Local authority £90.50
Employment – Private Who pays Charge
Full medical with report or certificate (private/insurance – 45mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £169.50
Report without examination (private/insurance -30mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £109.50
Report on Pro-forma (20mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £73.50
Medical Report requested by solicitors (1/2 hour GP time) Solicitor £90.00
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min) Employer £55.00
Certificate of Incapacity – this can include at the GP’s discretion – a To Whom It May Concern letter with brief details of a patient’s medical condition Patient £25.00
Employment – Local Authority/Police/NHS Who pays Charge
Police/Local Authority medical exam, certificate, opinion Local Authority £109.50
Local Authority/Police: report without examination (30 mins) Local Authority £74.50
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min) Local Authority £37.50
LA/Police Medical for higher grade appointment Local Authority £109.50
NHS Employee Prospective Local NHS Body £39.22
Fireman’s Medical Examination Fire Master £109.50
Fireman’s Medical Examination for Continuation of part time FM Fire Master £109.50
Extract from records Who pays Charge
Private (15 mins) Employer £55.00
Government /Local authority £33.00
Fitness for sport, school, university, etc Who pays Charge
Examination and report Patient/Insurance company £132.00
Extract from records 15mins Patient/Insurance company £55.00
Short Certificate of Incapacity Patient/Insurance company £15.00
Local Authority Who pays Charge
Work in Surgery 2 ½ to 31/2 hours Local Authority £402.50
Work in Surgery Short session 1 hour Local Authority £134.00
Work out of Surgery 2 ½ to 31/2 hours Local Authority £201.50
Work out of Surgery short session 1 hour Local Authority £67.50
Lecture to the public Local Authority £58.56
Emergency Visits 9AM to 8PM Local Authority £25.68
Emergency Visits 8PM  to 9AM Local Authority £52.06
Council tax Certificate of severe impairment Free
Insurance (Sickness) Who pays Charge
Examination and report Insurance Company/Patient £169.10
Extract from records (15 mins) Insurance Company/Patient £56.00
Certificate of Incapacity Insurance Company/Patient £15.00
Insurance Claim form completion Patient £26.00
Insurance (Accident) Who pays Charge
Examination and report Insurance Company/Patient £148.00
Report without examination. Medical opinion to be included at GP’s discretion. Insurance Company/Patient £98.50
Report on pro forma (20 mins) Insurance Company/Patient £66.00
Extract from records Insurance Company/Patient £49.00
Short certificate Insurance Company/Patient £14.50
Life Assurance Who pays Charge
GP examination own patient Insurance Company £92.50
GP report no examination Insurance Company £84.00
GP supplementary report Insurance Company £21.50
Certificate of Existence Patient £15.00
BUPA, PPP, WPA, Private medical insurance (PMI) Who pays Charge
Report on prospective subscriber PMI – Extract from records Insurance Company £56.00
Completion of Form Insurance Company £113.50
Full medical exam and report Insurance Company £169.50
Mental Capacity Certificate Who pays Charge
With examination Solicitor/Guardian £110.50
No examination Solicitor/Guardian £55.00
Mental Health Psychiatric Examination- non specialist fee Local Authority £53.76
Private Medical Examinations and Reports Who pays Charge
Full examination with report or certificate, eg Candidate for the Priesthood Medical Examination Report Patient/Employer/Insurance £141.10
Government Department Government Department £60.00
Report no examination
Private (30 mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £113.00
Report on Pro-forma (20mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £70.00
Extract from records
Private (15 mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £56.00
Travel Abroad Who pays Charge
Pregnant Woman’s Medical Certificate Attesting Fitness to Fly noting their good health and indicating the baby’s expected date of birth Patient £15
Fitness to travel certificate – pre-existing illness Patient £27.00
Prescription for drugs required solely for purpose e.g. Malaria tab Patient £10.00
Meningitis C Vaccination for Travel Patient £50.00
Vaccination certificate Patient £15.00
Holiday cancellation simple certificate Insurance Company/Patient £15.00
Holiday cancellation insurance claim Insurance Company/Patient £26.00
Simple letter detailing prescription medicines with Surgery stamp Patient £10.00
Treasury Rates Charge
Extract from records £42.00
Report written (eg 45 mins) £128.00
Medical examination and report/complex
written report and opinion (eg 60 mins)
Sessional fee (eg 3 hrs) . £339.50
Treasury rate  for Work in surgery
Extract from records £37.50
Report on pro forma (eg 20 mins) £49.00
Report written (eg 30 mins) £74.50
Medical examination and report in surgery (eg 45 mins) £109.50
Session (eg 3 hours) £442.50
Treasury rates are applicable to: AXA/PPP Healthcare Occupational Health Services Ltd, Department for Education and Skills (DfES), Department for Work and Pensions (Disability Support Division), Department of Trade and Industry (Coal Liabilities), Highlands and Islands Airport uthority (HIA), NHS Pensions Agency, Northern Ireland Civil Service Occupational Health Service.

Please Note: We only accept the following forms of payment;

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  • Apple Pay

We do not accept cheques, Magnetic Stripe cards or Chip & Signature card payments.