Contraception before IUC fitting

The timing of your insertion depends on what contraception you are currently using:

  • If you are currently using a hormonal method (combined contraceptive pill, progesterone-only pill, patch, contraceptive injection or implant), or have used condoms carefully and correctly at all times since a normal menstrual period the IUD or IUS can be fitted at any convenient time as long as you are not bleeding heavily.
  • If you are currently having unprotected sex, using a diaphragm, natural methods or or have a time expired IUD or IUS you have two alternatives:
  1. Between the first day of your period and the day of your fitting you use condoms carefully and correctly or abstain altogether from sexual intercourse. If you periods are irregular or you have a time expired IUS you will need to use condoms or abstain for 3 weeks prior to the day of fitting.
  2. You arrange to use a more reliable form of contraception for a short time. Suitable methods are the combined oral contraceptive pill, the progesterone only pill, the patch or the contraceptive injection.
  • If you are having a non-expired IUD/IUS removed and a new one fitted, this can be done on any day except a day of heavy bleeding. We recommend that you use condoms or abstain from sexual intercourse for 7 days before the fitting. This is to ensure that you are not at risk of pregnancy if it is not possible to fit a new device after the original one is removed.