Out of Area Registration Information at The Caversham Group Practice

Out of Area Registration Patient Information

Rules introduced in 2015 mean that Patients may now approach any GP practice, even if they live outside the practice area, to see if they will be accepted on to the patient list. GP practices now have the option to register patients who live outside the practice area but without any obligation to provide home visits.

Accepting an application for a patient to be registered as “Out Of Area” is voluntary for GP practices, meaning patients may be refused because they live out of area. The practice will consider their registration without an obligation to provide home visits to decide whether it is clinically appropriate and practical for the individual patient.

If the practice decides, it is not clinically appropriate or practical for the patient to be registered OOA we will give our reasons for this. Given the limitations of this type of registration, it is not discriminatory to advise a patient is unsuitable for registration on clinical grounds.

There is no right of appeal for the patient against the decision you may, however, make a complaint through the NHS complaints system as for any other decision.

When is it clinically appropriate and practical to register out of area patients?

While it is for the practice to form this opinion based on the individual circumstances of the patient, practices will want to consider, for example:

  1. If there are clinical conditions or care needs which mean registration without the ability to do home visits would compromise clinical care, and the patient’s needs would be better met through registration with a practice near to where they live, it is likely that the practice will decide it is not appropriate to accept you OOA. For example, If the patient has any complex long-term conditions that mean they are receiving a package of home-based care or community-based support which would be difficult for the practice to coordinate remotely or, the patient relies on frequent home visits from their current GP practice.
  2. If there are practical reasons which mean the patient is unlikely to benefit from out of area registration with the practice for example, the patient is not spending frequent periods of time in or near the practice area where they wish to register, it is likely that the practice will decide it is not appropriate to accept you OOA.
  3. If you are Under 16 and live outside the borough of Camden you will not be accepted as OOA

In addition to establishing such information directly from patients, practices may agree with the patient to contact their current/previous practice for further information if they have any clinical concerns about registering them outside their home area. Other examples of concern would be concerns around child and adult safeguarding.

In order to decide the clinical appropriateness and practicality of the individual patient application we may:-

  • Ask you or the practice you are currently / was registered with (with your consent) questions about your health to help decide whether to register you OOA
  • Ask you questions about why it is practical for you to attend this practice, for example, how many days during the week you would normally be able to attend
  • Ask you if accepted OOA, you will you be able attend the practice and receive the full range of services provided as normal at the surgery.
  • Ask if you be able to come to see us for face-to-face appointments if needed at short notice, such as for examination due to acute illness.

Its important patients who are registered as OOA understand the following:

  • If you have, an urgent care, need and the surgery cannot help you at home we will ask you to call NHS 111 and they will put you in touch with a local service (this may be a face to face appointment with a local healthcare professional or a home visit where necessary).
  • If accepted but your health needs change we may review your registration to see if it would be more appropriate for you to be registered with a GP practice closer to your home.
  • We will be unable to provide you with home visits
  • If you regularly fail to attend appointments the practice will consider this as a reason your continued registration as an OOA patient is not suitable and ask you to register elsewhere.
  • If you move address, your status as OOA will be reviewed each time you move to ensure it is still appropriate to remain registered.

How do I register as an Out of Area Patient?

You can obtain an out of area registration application via the reception desk.  Alternatively, you can now apply online.