Camden Clinical Assessment Service

A New Referring Service For Camden GPs

In Camden GPs have come together to form the Camden Clinical Assessment Service. The service has been set up to assess each referral recommendation (by either your GP, a hospital consultant or your dentist) against treatment options available. These options may include a referral to hospital, a referral to a consultant clinic in the community or treatment offered at a local GP Practice. The aim of the service is to ensure that you receive the best possible response to your care needs.

Following a decision by one of the doctors in this practice to refer you for specialist care – the first step in the process is an assessment of the different options available to ensure you get the most appropriate treatment. You will then be contacted by Camden Clinical Assessment Service directly in order to discuss with you the options for treatment and to arrange an appointment. You will be offered a choice of options and appointment times unless you have already agreed a particular specialist or hospital with your GP, prior to the referral being made.

This new service will use the Choose and Book service in order to enable access to a wide variety of hospitals and services an allow appointments to be made at times and places that suit you.

The Clinical Assessment Service is likely to contact you by telephone within 3 weeks from the date of the initial referral being made. It is therefore vital to ensure that your GP has details of your up to date telephone numbers (and mobile number if you wish).

Contact details:

154 Drummond Street
Tel: 020 3416 6655
Email: [email protected]