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Diabetic Clinic

We run a Doctor and nurse led diabetes service. You will see either Dr Gailer, Dr McNabb or Nurse Sasha Tobin.

However if you prefer to see your usual GP or nurse about your diabetes this is of course absolutely fine. Please do make sure you let reception know that you are booking a diabetic review appointment.

What happens in the diabetic clinic?

You will be invited in once a year for an ‘information gathering session’ with a Health Care Assistant (HCA). In this appointment you will have:

  • Certain aspects of your health checked e.g. your blood pressure, your weight, the condition of your feet.
  • Lifestyle review – Information and advice on stopping smoking and increasing the amount of exercise you do.
  • Blood tests may be arranged to monitor your condition.
  • Your urine will be checked also. Please collect a specimen pot from the reception desk on arrival.

Once all of your results are back, you will then have a “review appointment” with a doctor or a nurse. In this appointment:

  • You can discuss any concerns or questions you many have about your diabetes.
  • The Doctor or nurse  may make adjustments to your medications.
  • The Doctor or nurse may arrange to see you again to continue to monitor your progress.

HCA appointments can take place at any time convenient to you.

All diabetic patients are recalled for a review on an annual basis. Please let us know if you think you are overdue a diabetic review and our reception team will book you in.

We are closed on Monday 26 August 2019. We will reopen on Tuesday 27 August 2019. Please use the Camden GP Hubs (8am to 8pm) or the NHS 111 (24 hour) services during the break.