Dr Daniel Toeg announces his retirement

A letter to our patients from Dr Danny Toeg, announcing his retirement after 30 years at The Caversham!

Dear Patients,

After 30 years as a partner at The Caversham Practice I have decided to retire. 

The impact of the COVID pandemic has meant that in many cases I have not been able to inform you of my decision to retire in the personal manner which I would have preferred. I’ll nevertheless do my utmost to make personal contact with as many of you as possible over the next few weeks.

I feel incredibly blessed to have spent most of my professional working life at this amazing and supportive practice and will miss so much about The Caversham when I leave, including so many of my patients who have shared their trust with me over the years that I have been here as a doctor.

I’m delighted to inform my patients that the practice has appointed a new salaried GP to take over my patient list. Dr Anoushka Seegobin will already be familiar to many of you as she was my former GP registrar, and has since regularly worked in the practice in a locum capacity. The sadness I feel at leaving my patients behind is matched only by my absolute confidence that you are in as good hands as you could ever wish for.

I’ll miss the staff at the practice and my Partners and colleagues more deeply than they realise.  I am leaving a GP partnership in a robust state of health, and one which I feel can confidently face up to the many challenges which it will undoubtedly face in the future.

I’m fortunate enough to be retiring in good health and at a time when I still enjoy my work as a GP to the full. I can’t think of a better time to move forwards.

Daniel Toeg