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Telephone Appointments

Telephone appointments were seen by those present as a really useful service which two thirds of respondents were aware of. It was felt that patients needed to be made more aware of this service. See below for how we intend to publicise this and other service improvements.

Information about services provided by the practice:

It was agreed that the practice would look at producing a twice yearly newsletter. This would be emailed to PRG members, attached to repeat scripts and hard copies left at the front desk. A number of well organised community and resident association groups locally may be able to play a role in helping disseminate information. The idea of having a dedicated terminal with access to the practice website only was discussed and will be taken to the IT department at NCL.

In summary and going forward:

The practice is awaiting a management consultancy report specifically on improving capacity, access and the variety of appointments we offer. We are continuing to develop practice teams to enable us to maximise continuity of care and carer, which is something both we and our patients value highly.

Future meeting structure was discussed and it was agreed to make the practice premises and personnel available to the PRG on a regular basis, with agendas primarily to be determined by the group. For example the group has asked that, at our next meeting, we discuss the implications for the practice and for patient care of the NHS and social care bill.

Practice lead/administrator and a PRG convenor to be agreed at the next meeting.